Which is Better PHP Developer or PHP Development Company for Startups?

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PHP is an open source programming language that is being used widely by the web developers for the preparation of dynamic web pages. It is helpful in creation of highly responsive and complex websites. The version 5 is the present ongoing version that is used by the programmers. The version 6 is being prepared by the developers.

MySQL: MySQL is a widely used data base that is open source in nature. It gives great performances. It is extremely user-friendly and can be relied upon greatly. It is being used by most of the companies as it is helpful in saving a lot of expenses along with time. My SQL can easily operate over different types of platforms like Linux, IBM AIX, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS, etc. It suits comfortable fitting with an experienced developer. There is a whole range of tools and different features that help in the support and training activities for effective use of the PHP framework.